Políticas públicas y niñez : tensiones entre el derecho y la construcción de la ciudadanía infantil : análisis comparativo de los Consejos de Niños/as de los municipios de Morón y de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires


Redondo, Patricia Raquel

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175 p.


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Morón (inhabited place)
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (autonomus city)


The objective of this work is to investigate the ways in which two different territorial spaces execute the same program and account for a positioning of the infants as active citizens of the city in which they are under different political or ideological orbits.

To do this, on the one hand, it was necessary to know the proposals and policies of the Children's Councils of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and, on the other hand, the municipality of Buenos Aires de Morón, in order to problematize the role assumed by the State in the conception and management of childhood, specifically in relation to the fulfillment of children's right to be heard and to participate actively in the society where they live.

Both Councils present themselves as spaces that try to stop looking at children's participation from outside, as something belonging to the world of adults, to begin to actively practice what it's like to be a citizen today. That the proposals are integrated into the public agenda will not depend on the budget or the theoretical framework, but on the elements that draw to the possibility that children are visible or not.

To inquire in each Council, three experiences were taken from each territory, where it was necessary to walk, meet, talk with referents, as well as play with the children, to analyze the tensions that are seen between speeches and
executions of social policies oriented to infancy.

This thesis does not seek to give closed answers, but, on the contrary, to open the way to questions and investigations that contribute to guarantee the rights of children as critical citizens.

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Magister de la Universidad de Buenos Aires en Políticas Sociales

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Universidad de Buenos Aires. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales

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