Esperando a la democracia : del esbozo del concepto de democracia en Baruch Spinoza a las críticas contemporáneas


de Gainza, Mariana




234 p.


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From the XVII century onwards, the question posited by Netherlander philosopher Baruch Spinoza spans history: Is it accomplishable a democratic society in which human beings do not undergo a waning of their power in light of the infinite power of God, that is to say nature, or does their loneliness prevail, preventing social constitution?

In contemporary terms, the question is renewed: Is it feasible an association compatible with friendship, which increases the power of women and men? Or, shall possessive individualism prevail, making egotism the cornerstone of human society?

It is about the historical evolution that has as its base the heterogeneity of human societies. In conditions of decline or persistence, of consensus or dissensus,
democracy remains under siege and still persists, as reality, hope or myth.

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