América Latina : de la modernización a la dependencia : debates y transformaciones sobre el capitalismo, la industrialización, el desarrollismo y el peronismo en el campo intelectual y político de la izquierda argentina desde la mirada de Milcíades Peña (C. 1955-1965)


De Gori, Esteban
Pagura, Nicolás

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85 p.


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Latin America is an object of privileged study for the social and economic sciences because it is the place where the capitalist assumptions are broken because they never manage to materialize. In this way, Latin America was the privilege space of dependency theories that postulated the principle that there was not, nor does it exist, a possible modernization because the situation of the region is the result of the imposed capitalist configuration that will have to be perpetuated in the meantime.

In this sense, the present work concentrates, in the first place, on analyzing how the break between the assumptions of modernization towards dependency occurred; that is, in what way the intellectual and political universe was reconfigured that it was possible to think of a new alternative for the region. Secondly, we will focus on a particular intellectual, in Milcíades Peña, since we consider that he was a disruptive figure in the local map due to his criticisms and debates with most of the intellectual and political currents in the 1960s in our country.

Finally, the structure of the thesis will be organized around, on the one hand, studying political and intellectual events in order to analyze the changes produced. And, on the other hand, national events will be contrasted with others in the region in order to understand the relationship, similarities and differences between our country and the rest of Latin America.

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Universidad de Buenos Aires. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales

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