La construcción de representaciones sociales en torno protesta social y a la represión institucional : seis estudios de caso entre los años 1996 y 2002


Izaguirre, Inés

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355 p.


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This research examines the physical-material and symbolic confrontations between the subjects involved directly or indirectly in six episodes of protest between the years 1996-2002. This period registered a rising social conflict and a deepening economic and labor crisis that affected the majority of the population of the country.

The dissertation analyzes public statements and interviews from the main actors of the protest/repression; published in the press during the period. In particular, the study focuses on the ways in which the collective actions of protest and the repressive practices of the State are defined.

This is a study of a field of dispute for the sense of the actions. The primary target will be to review what types of interpretations -constructions of knowledge- take place at these moments of high level of confrontations. Special attention is given to the processes of social stigmatization and criminalization, which occur precisely in those conjunctures when state repression is materialized.

The main hypothesis of this dissertation is that the interpretation of the conflict is the result of a relation between subject and object, which comes from a particular paradigm of understanding reality. This paradigm operates through ideological and morals valuations which condition the process of knowledge-construction.

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Doctor de la Universidad de Buenos Aires en Ciencias Sociales

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Universidad de Buenos Aires. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales

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